Clinical volunteers and students are the backbone of HA. The day will start with a short orientation session from your respective health discipline’s designated Clinical Director. This will cover the logistics of the day, the screening process, data collection and working with people with an intellectual disability.
After registration, we will connect you with your respective Clinical Director who will be your main point of contact in the lead up to the event. If for any reason you cannot commit to the full day, please advise your Clinical Director who can work with you to manage this. We look forward to having you on board!


I understand that photography and video recording takes place at some Special Olympics Australia events and activities, and that I may be incidentally included in such photographs or recording (images) and that on occasion I may be identifiable from those images. By selecting “Yes” below, I confirm that Special Olympics Australia has my permission to use and/or disclose, and allow others to use and/or disclose on its behalf, any or all such images in television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, on the internet, and/or in other media, and in any form, throughout the world solely for the purpose of publicising, promoting or communicating the purposes and activities of Special Olympics Australia, for this registration year. (Note: Special Olympics Australia will seek separate consent for the use of the name or likeness of any Special Olympics Australia volunteer for commercial purposes.)



I declare that all of the information I have supplied in this application is true and correct. I agree at all times to abide by the policies, procedures and regulations as defined and amended from time to time by Special Olympics Australia. I will use any confidential information provided to me for the purpose of carrying out the duties and tasks assigned to me by Special Olympics Australia. I will not disclose the information to any other party and I will return all confidential material to Special Olympics Australia. I acknowledge the Privacy Policy of Special Olympics Australia and I will treat all personal information in accordance with that policy.

I have read and agree to abide by the volunteer code of conduct in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Code.