Harry Llove

I'm fundraising for Special Olympics Australia

Through your support, Special Olympics Australia can support people with an intellectual disability to participate in sports training and competition so that they can achieve their personal best in sport, and in life.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Greg Mason

Hope everyone has a great day!


Gail & Milton Gaynor

Good luck!!!



Great cause, hope you reach your goal ☺





Bruce Helen

great cause hazza love your work go from us in minnamarra, Harry is number 1


Ryan Clarson

Love ya work big h


Darcy Bond

Going towards the best 🔥


John Atkinson

great work great cause Minnamurra supporter locals


Mitchell Saxby

great cause harry love to see more people do this, thank you from KIAMA


Beau Fraser

great cause brother love what you and your KAR NUTS CLUB doing, good luck be safe, MINNAMARRA LOCAL