This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a unique community event where you will get to build your Billy Cart and ride it at Sydney Motorsport Park.

You and your pit crew of up to 4 participants will help build the billy cart using the provided kit plus decorate or brand it before the big race. Your team will then push you and the cart down the hill at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Bring your own billy cart (see Billy Cart Requirements below) or pre-purchase a Billy Cart Kit for $200 that will be provided on the day.

Each team will have a dedicated space to build your billy cart on the day – bring your pit crew into a garage for a team building exercise!

Entry is free but we encourage teams to fundraise on behalf of Special Olympics Australia. The team that raises the most funds will get pole position for the billy cart race plus be presented with the highest fundraising trophy. Special Olympics Australia will provide you with your own page and promotional tools.

The Winner will be awarded with the Billycart Race Trophy on the Winners Podium plus receive a Magnum of Champagne to celebrate immediately after the race.

The Billy Cart Ride is strictly limited to 12 spots so get in quickly!

Race time will be in the afternoon during the SOAR & ROAR Festival.

Get your pit crew ready to feel the roar of the SOAR & ROAR Festival, Australia’s most inclusive motoring festival!


  1. HELMETS ARE COMPULSORY and protective clothing is recommended. Helmets will be provided by Driving Solutions on the day of event or you can bring your own helmet.
  2. All billy carts must have adequate braking and steering and may be disqualified at the discretion of the Scrutineer. Other protective clothing is recommended, e.g elbow and knee guards.
  3. lf entrant and billycart fail to arrive at the start line the race will commence on time.
  4. All billycarts will start from a standing start.
  5. Drivers must be over 18 to participate. Pit crew must be over 14 years old.
  6. Drivers must remain seated whilst racing.
  7. Billycarts must travel in a straight line: no swerving, weaving or turning from side to side.
  8. A billycart or driver may be disqualified at any time at the discretion of the Chief Marshall.
  9. Unsafe billycarts, dangerous driving or bad conduct by participants will not be tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion or disqualification from the event for the whole day. The Chief Marshall’s decision (or that of their delegate) will be final and binding.
  10. All billycarts and drivers must be available for scrutineering before race.
  11. The Committee reserves the right to rearrange or cancel events.
  12. All participants enter at their own risk.


  • Maximum dimensions 1000mm wide x 1600mm long (axle to axle). 150mm minimum road clearance.
  • Maximum cart weight is 80kg.
  • The billy cart must have a working brake. Brakes requiring removal of hand/s from the steering system of the Billy Cart to apply will not be permitted.
  • There must be sturdy construction of all billy cart components, and fixed seating.
  • No motors, sails, pedals, paddles, or any other propulsion device are permitted.
  • Billy Carts must have at least 4 wheels and no more than 6.
  • Weights or ballast can’t be placed or attached to the billy cart.
  • The billy cart must have an adequate steering mechanism
  • All Billycarts must pass scrutineering by the Event Organisers.

Good luck and may the best Billy cart win!